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Description Language Deck File
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway en<->ru OldManAndSea_en_ru.dkf
257 Selected words from Travels by Michael Crichton en<->ru Travels_en_ru.dkf
The Idiom Advantage by Dana Watkins (115 idioms) en<->ru TheIdiomAdvantage_en_ru.dkf
55 selected words from Pragmatic Programmer by A. Hunt, D. Thomas en<->ru PragmaticProgrammer.dkf
1162 selected GRE words from Oleg Smirnov en<->en GRE_1162_en_en.dkf
A collection of about 5000 GRE words from (Barron's, public domain) en<->en GRE_4981_en_en.dkf
A collection of about 1750 phrasal english verbs selected by Dmitri Terskov. en<->en Phrasal_Verbs-en.dkf

NOTE: You have to unzip downloaded files before they can be used with Granule.

A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man by James Joyce

This is a long-term project (about seven years of planned lifespan) aimed to provide the entire text of the book in the form of Granule flashcards with audio support as a teaching material. Each segment covers about 30 to 40 minutes worth of text. A new segment will be published every three to five weeks depending on the author's workload.

Deck File (with .mp3 audio) Language
Dedalus-01.dkf en<->ru

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If you already have a collection of flashcards in some format, it is fairly easy to convert them to Granule's Deck file. Below are some examples to illustrate the general idea.

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