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For Granule-related questions of any kind that you might think would benefit other users, please, post your messages on granule-users Forum.



Where To Report

  • To report a bug, go to the Granule's Bug Tracker page and use `Submit New' link to create a new bug report. Fill in all information required.

  • To propose a new feature or user interface functionality, please use Feature Request page. Don't lump all of your suggestions together into one request. Instead, create one Request per suggestion.

  • To submit a patch, please use Patches page.

Your input is valued very much and without it Granule would have not become as useful as it is today.

Bug Report Required Information

If you encountered a bug with Granule and want to report it, please, provide the following information:

  • Your Operating System type (Linux-distro, WinXP, nokia770, etc) and its version.

  • Method of installation (.rpm, .deb, .armel, or compiled from .tar.gz, ...)

  • Run Granule in a logging mode and send attach the log file. Granule comes with extensive built-in debugging support. To enable it:

    % granule --log-level=3 --log-file=granule.log
      ... repeat all the steps that have led to the bug/crash ..
    % gzip --best granule.log

    Attache granule.log.gz to your bug report.

  • If Granule crashes, in addition to the above, get the stack trace from the core file:

    % gdb granule core
    gdb> where

    Cut-n-paste the list of all stack frames into your bug report.

  • If applicable, attach your $HOME/.granule configuration file.

  • Also, if applicable, include the offending .dkf/.cdf files.

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