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Aug 20 2010 : (Video Blog)

Started video blog at The first blog entry is posted.

Jul 20 2010 : Release 1.4.0-8maemo1

- Port to Nokia N900 smartphone (available from Maemo5 extras-devel repository).

Sep 1 2008 : Release 1.4.0

- Added picture valignment control.
- [N8x0] Enabled asynchronous audio playback.
- [N8x0] Disabled word completion/capitalization setting.
- Fixed DeckPlayer background color change in answer entry.
- Split default configuration file based on target OS.
- [win32] Added support for external audio player, granule-audio-player.
- [N8x0] Added full-screen mode with vertical control buttons toolbar
  (for models without hardware keyboard).
- Redesigned DeckPlayer UI to gain bigger card real estate.
- Fixed 'application hides with click on [x]' Bug #1981575.
- Added fine-grained quality of answer controls to take full
  advantage of SM-2 algorithm.
- Fixed 'text selection' bug.
- Fixed 'illegal markup error erases all input' Bug #1935637.

Feb 10 2008 : Release 1.3.0

- Added keyboard accelerators (shortcuts) in DeckView and
  CardView dialogs (FR #1823396).
- Setting 'test line' spinbutton of DeckPlayer dialog to zero checks
  answer against all lines of the question on either side.
- Added SM-2 alogrithm support with E-Factor and number of CardBoxes
  configurable beyond default of 5
  (FR #1787610, FR #1655113, FR #1729475).
- Added support for pictures embedded in the Front of the card
  under the question text (FR #1790017).
- Added absolute/relative sound path selection to the
  Deck Preferences dialog.
- Made 'Window Maximize' action non-sticky for DeckPlayer.
- Added 'AutoFill' functionality to fill some text fields
  in CardView dialog with predefined pattern.
- Refactored Appearance settings into MVC pattern with persistent
- Cleared *sticky* text selection in DeckPlayer.

Jan 15 2007 : Release 1.2.4

- Made bg_/fg_color text settings of the DeckPlayer text fields configurable 
  via configuration file (Bug #1628956).
- Added show/hide various controls of DeckPlayer dialog in
  PDA version to maximize usable viewing area.
- Double-clicking an entry in DeckView dialog brings up 
  CardView editing dialog for the card selected.
- Load multiple DeckFiles at once (FR #1618817).
- Fixed "Answer line selector is ignored" (Bug #1618820).
- Changed sound command arguments to require file type extension
  (from %s to %s.wav for wav files).
- Added custom Deck Appearance preferences available via
  DeckPlayer->EditDeck->DeckInfo dialog.
- Added 'normalize' (remove extra newlines/whitespaces) and
  'add index' edit shortcut buttons to CardView dialog.
- Took [Cancel] button out of focus chain (Feature Req #1620622).
- Added alternative config file command-line option with
  { --config-file=/path/name }.
- Added pane separators to CardView dialog to adjust the height
  of the multiline input fields.
- Added padding control for all text fields in DeckPlayer.
- Added (opional) two-sided sound clip playback.
- Changed sound playback to asynchronous.
- Ported to OpenEmbedded GPE PDAs (240x320 screen size)
  (Patch #1560198).
- Fixed to fit FC extras strict spec rules.
- Added text alignment controls for Front/Back text fields.
- Fixed format of DeckInfo dialog and proper setting of alternative
  sound path.
- Added multi-line CSV file import (Feature Request #1588158).

Oct 8 2006 : Release 1.2.3

- Fixed multi-row selection in DeckView bug (when adding new cards).
- Made Front and Back fields in CardView high enough to fit two
  complete rows of data.
- Removed duplicates from all CardDecks, when adding new card(s) to 
  a CardDeck (Bug #1554483).
- Properly handles resizing DeckPlayer window.
- [maemo 2.0] Fixed application exit by closing window [x].

Sep 21 2006 : Release 1.2.2

- Port to Maemo 2.0 (Nokia770 IT2006).
- Port to OpenEmbedded (GPE) - Rolf 
- Port to libassa-3.4.2 (mingw32 networking code support).
- Memory management fix for gcc-4.0.
- Added FlipSide memory to the DeckPlayer in CardBox learning mode.
- Added optional 'side' attribute to 'carddeck' element in
  cardfile.dtd to support *sticky* memory for the reverse cards.
- Added multi-card deletion and adding to the CardDeck from DeckView.
- Moved Fonts properties to Appearance tab.
- Added optional lesson auto-pronunciation in every learning mode.
- Added alternative word spelling for auto-pronunciation.
- Fixed New CardFile save dialog.
- Fixed crash when deleting the last card in DeckView (Bug #1554481).

Aug 10 2006 : (Rel. 1.2.2 Alpha)

An alpha release 1.2.2 has been made available for Nokia770 IT-2006. There is no support for debian garage repository installation at this time (yet). See instructions at the bottom of Download page.

Jun 10 2006 : Update (Rel. 1.2.1)

A Windows 2000/NT/XP port has been made available. See instructions at the bottom of Download page.

Mar 18 2006 : Release 1.2.1

- Native port to ARM/hildon (nokia770 internet tablet).
- Add Paste button to CardView dialog.
- Disable assa event handler.
- Add SIGTERM handling to terminate application.
- Back tag accepts an empty entry (bug #1418297).
- Add sound-bits export CardBox menu entry.
- Fix an *ugly* card scheduling bug triggered by Check/Next button.
- Adjusted debian package configuration files to build .deb package.
- Fix missing cut/copy/paste in CardView dialog.
- Add Input font configuration option to Preferences dialog.

Nov 27 2005 : Release 1.2.0

- Fix CardFile Save option greyed out bug (bug #1261317).
- Add an option to disable keyboard shortcuts in DeckPlayer.
- Add hours/minutes scheduling resolution (rfe #1256643).
- Make DeckView sortable by either Front or Back column (rfe #1348833).
- Add selection of the answer line for multiline front size of the
  card in DeckPlayer dialog (used for studying multiple languages
  in one Deck).
- Make CardView input dialog fully tabular.
- Add Pango markup shortcut controls to CardView dialog.
- Add Japanese translation - Jeff Ames
- Catch illegal pango markup and give the user a chance to fix it.
- Get rid of libxml++ dependency (uses basic libxml2 instead).
- Port to libassa-3.4.x.
- Port to cygwin32.
- Port to x86_ia64 - Konstantin Riabitsev


Jul 6 2005 : Release 1.1.6

- Port to Debian - Miriam Ruiz
- Fix markup for multiple tilda characters in the Example field.
- Add colored comparison match feedback in DeckPlayer dialog.
- Location-independent DTD paths (taken from a port of granule 
  to Linux-on-PowerPC contest patch).
- Add 'Pango Markup Syntax' on-line help to CardView dialog.
- Add <Add> button to CardView dialog to simplify creating many cards
  (rfe #1190244).
- Add 'Import from CSV' (Comma Separated Value) text input files.
  The valid data is expected to be in UTF-8 format (such as created
  by gedit).
- If answer given differs from expected, highlight the difference.
- Fix 'empty author field' crash (bug #1190231).
- Replace path separator characters with portable defines from Glib.
- Fix "g_path_is_absolute() critical assertion" (bug #1190721).
- Card box not saved (bug #1160650).
- Fix faulty verification control comparison function.
- Removed 'u' hot key.

Apr 17 2005 : Release 1.1.5

- Full i18n support.
- Update DeckPlayer's confirmation icons.
- Add input verification control to DeckPlayer (rfe #1101697).
- Make Front/Back text fields multiline (rfe #1171266).
- Port to FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE.
- Port to gcc-3.4.2 (FC3) - Artem Baguinski
- Add <Edit Card> button to DeckPlayer dialog (rfe #1101685).
- Add <Save Deck> button to DeckView dialog (rfe #1101694).
- Make all dialogs transient for the MainWindow (rfe #1101695).
- Hide DeckPlayer dialog when DeckView is shown.
- Set DeckPlayer focus to NoteBook when going from one card to the next.
- Check CardView entries for illegal pango markup syntax, and if so,
  reject the modification.
- Make DeckView sorting ignore prefixes 'to', 'a', 'an'.
- Enable markup in columns of DeckView dialog (bug #1097617).
- Restore to the last visited card in DeckPlayer after
  'Edit' button click (bug #1097619).
- Fix DeckPlayer skipping first two cards (bug #1074959).
- Fix core dump due to non-UTF8 date string in Deck's description
  field (bug #1097020).
- Fix Add_to_box1 from Untitled core (bug #1097609).
- Fix Untitled1->Add->Edit/Delete core (bug #1097613).
- Fix Preferences->Close core dump due to uninitialized
  data members in CardBox c'tor.

November 27 2004 : Release 1.1.4

- Fixes core dumps on exit from libsigc-2.0 (bug #1068433).
- Adds 'commit' option to shuffling the cards in a Deck.
  When 'Shuffle' button is pressed, the user is asked if she wants 
  the order changes permanent.
- Enables 'Shuffle' button to shuffle cards in a CardDeck's
  partition (for the duration of a session).

November 14 2004 : Release 1.1.3

- Fixes moving cards up and down in the list in the DeckView dialog.
- Fixes viewing and deletion of the cards from sorted list
  in DeckView (bugs #1057777 and #105775).
- Adds toolbar keyboard navigation for most of menu items
  ('Alt-c c' will close the CardDeck, and 'Alt-c r' will open another
   from the recently-visited list and so on).
- Adds keyboard navigation to DeckPlayer dialog (bug #1057552).
  See "To Study Cards In A Deck" and "To Study Cards In A CardBox 
  Partition" sections of the manual for details.
- Adds an option (default) to keep relative path links
  from CardFile to Decks (bug #1025963).
- Makes "recent history" size configurable (bug #1057551).
- Adds icons to all minimized dialogs to ease identification.
- Fixes dialogs geometry control bug.
- Removes copying 'answer' field into 'example' field if the
  latter is empty (bug #1047324).

September 25 2004 : Release 1.1.2

- Adds markup language for all text fields (bug #1022746).
  For markup syntax, google on "Pango markup language".
- Fixes misleading error message when loading invalid Deck
  file (bug #1022748).
- Saves and restores geometry of most dialogs (bug #1022744).
- Refines control over font style/size for question/answer/example
  text fields (bug #1022743).
- Fixes sound playback bug (sound wouldn't play).

August 8 2004 : Release 1.1.1

- Fix libxml++ 2.6/2.7 dependency. Now we check for libxml++-2.6.pc
  which covers both versions 2.6 and 2.7 of libxml++ (bug #976948).


July 23 2004 : Release 1.1.0

- Port to gtkmm2 2.4.x.
- DeckPlayer toolbar changes to UIManager/Action paradigm.
- Properly registers SayIt application icon with IconFactory.
- Adds Drag-n-Drop of a Deck for DeckList into CardBox.
- Fixes duplicate entry of the Answer field into the Example field of a Card.
- Converts FileSelection to FileChooser dialog (new in Gtk 2.4).
- Converts Box menu entries to UIManager/Action paradigm.
- Adds right-click menu for a entry in a DeckList.


June 26 2004 : Release 1.0.2

- Fixes scheduling count/lights.
- Fixes duplicate Decks in DeckList.
- Adds DeckView activation of a Deck from DeckList in the MainWindow.
- Sets expiration date for CardBox 1 to 4 days in default config file.

June 12 2004 : Release 1.0.1

- Changes XML DTD file location from $prefix/share/granule/xml
  to /etc/xml/granule. This way no matter how package is built,
  both Deck and CardFile files will find the DTD files.
  The fix for this unfortunately requires manual editing each .dkf and
  .cdf file and replacing "/path/to/{granule|cardfile}.dtd" with

- Fixes tar.gz/rpm build from a wrong CVS tree.
- Blocks off Esc key event in CardView window.
- Adds (missing) 'bootstrap' shell script to $src directory.
- Adds front column sorting to the DeckView window.
- Fixes bogus notification pop-up when none of the CardBox cards
  are expired.

June 3 2004 : Release 1.0.0

 * First public release (stable).

Copyright © 2004-2010 Vladislav Grinchenko